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A Little Bit About Ink & Oak

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My name is Christina.

Ink and Oak Media was born on a whim of passion and a whole lot of elbow grease. The business is going into its 4th year, and the growth has been both exponential and humbling. In 2022, I've decided to take a different route with publishing stories in The Belletrist. I've always been a storyteller, and can admittedly see the world through rose colored glasses. I am a creative, a romantic, a deep feeler. I love nature, color, the vibrancy of life and its counterpart; the darker sides of ourselves we so often leave behind. I'm a sucker for all things that have the ability to make you utterly and hopelessly lost in your own thoughts.

For better, or for worse. 

I live on a farm in Indiana with my husband and our dog twos, three cats, fourteen chickens, four fish and one ornery snail. We converted our property into a Certified Wildlife Habitat in 2020, and enjoy learning about conservation practices and self sufficiency. A good bit of the pictures I shoot are taken here on this property. In addition to this, I am currently in the process of obtaining my Private Pilot's License, which I think will add a fun element to my career in Photography; bringing me to different places and people on a larger scale across the country. 

In the years that I've been a Photographer, I've had the pleasure of working on both smaller and larger scales. I've shot Maternity, Engagement, Newborn, Family, Portrait, Headshot, Real Estate and Landscape Photography. My work has been featured in Glass Vault Magazine, The Storyteller, The Honest Lens, Shutter Up Magazine, Bare Bones Boudoir, and The Photograp[her] Magazine, Shutterbug and Digital Camera World.


In addition to this, I've also had photos exhibited both Nationally and Internationally in galleries in:

  • Limassol, Cyprus - 6 x 6 Centre for Photography

  • Manila, Philippines - Modeka

  • Melbourne, Australia - BSide Gallery

  • Bangkok, Thailand - Bangkok Art & Culture Center

  • Stockholm, Sweden - Kontrast Gallery

  • London, UK - Coningsby Gallery

  • Chicago, IL - Bridgeport Art Center

  • New York City, NY - Agora Gallery

I'm proud to note that I've also done exclusive Brand Photography for International Companies such as The Muck Boot Company (Muck Boots), and National Companies such as Peacock Smoke - Smoke Bombs. It's been a heck of a ride, that's for sure.

But it's time to once again... evolve.

The Belletrist is my new baby, and I'm so excited to not only grow further as a professional, but to be able to tell stories in one hell of a magnificent way. Life is wild and beautiful, and I intend to capture it in every way possible.

Do you have a story to tell?

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